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Located at the far East end of Upper Randolph Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 312-946-9467
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About Us
Steve's Segway Tours was started by a tour guide, is owned by a tour guide, and is managed by tour guides.  Why is this so important?  Because only a tour guide truly understands that great tour guides put their heart and soul into each tour. In the tour industry, the difference between a good tour and a great tour, is the tour guide.  For Segway tours, a nice day and the novel experience of riding a Segway is all that is needed for a good tour.  A good tour is a satisfactory experience, but a great tour, one led by a great tour guide who puts his/her all into it, is an experience you will always cherish and remember.  At Steve's Segway Tours we understand how important it is to not just take your money and provide you with a satisfactory tour, but to strive to make every tour a great tour.  We want you to enjoy our tour so much that you will recommend it to your family, friends, and coworkers.  We want you to enjoy our tour so much that you'll come back and take another tour with us (please see our various Tour Types, and Reason #4 on our Why Choose Us web page).  Our main concern is NOT the bottom line.  At Steve's Segway Tours, our main concern is providing excellent tours.

Why I Started Steve's Segway Tours
I started Steve's Segway Tours to provide the best Segway tour of Chicago, nay, the best tour of any kind, on the market.  If you are from out of town, I want my tour to be the most fun activity - the best experience you have, on your visit to Chicago. If you are local, I want you to enjoy it so much that you come back again, and that you tell everyone you know, and they come ride with us as well.

I used to work for one of my competitors (a fine and very reputable Segway tour company).  I was their #1 tour guide.  I base this claim on the fact that I received more requests for my services (the result of recommendations from former customers) than any other tour guide.  "We were told to ask for Steve to be our tour guide", is what new customers booking a tour on the recommendation of previous customers, would tell the office manager.  My tours are fun, humorous, and very informative.  I want all Segway tours to be that way.  Unfortunately, as a tour guide I couldn't control that.  But as owner and hands-on manager of Steve's Segway Tours, I can promise you the best and most passionate Segway tour guides in Chicago!

The Tour Guide and You
At Steve's Segway Tours, the relationship between the customers and our tour guide is of paramount importance.  That might sound obvious, but I assure you it is not always the case everywhere.  Would you believe, when I still worked for the competition, that I actually got reprimanded several times for keeping the tour group out too long?  Each time I felt I owed it to my tour group because the manager took too long to get the tour group out of the office and onto the training area.  Rather than skimp on the training process, or shorten my tour, I kept the group out a full 10-15 minutes over.  "Unacceptable!" according to the manager -- the company comes first, not the tour.  Guess what else I got reprimanded for?  Talking for too long to my tour group after the tour was over, and I was on my own time.  Even though I was answering questions from the customers about where to eat lunch and what else they should see and do on their visit to Chicago, this was considered unacceptable.  At Steve's Segway Tours, a company owned and managed by Segway tour guides, we fully appreciate the bond between the customers and our tour guides, and we will never do anything to jeopardize or sever that bond.
Why are our tour guides so good?  Our tour guides are the best for three reasons: (1) the owner and managers are tour guides themselves and therefore fully appreciate what it takes to provide an excellent tour experience, (2) our training process, and (3) our tour guide hiring criteria.  All of Steve's Segway Tours tour guides are personally trained by the owner (me), an experienced and extremely successful tour guide.  This training stresses presentation in addition to providing useful facts and anecdotes, and of course, covers how to best teach riding a Segway.  Tour guides are encouraged to find their own identity, but they are not allowed much latitude in any area that could jeopardize customer safety, or provide customers with less than they were promised.

Steve's Segway Tours hires performers to be our tour guides.  It is our opinion that actors and improvisational comics make the type of tour guide most likely to give a great tour.  Stage presence, a strong background in comedy, and the ability to think well on one's feet, are qualities we look for in our selection process.

So now that you know a little bit about Steve's Segway Tours, and why I started this company, maybe you would like to read some of the reasons why you should choose to take a Segway tour of Chicago with us instead of our competition.  If you haven't yet read our Why Choose Us web page, I strongly recommend you read it now.  If you have read these reasons already, perhaps you are ready to Book a Tour with us?  And of course, please feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have.