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Located at the far East end of Upper Randolph Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 312-946-9467
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Steve's Segway Tours does product and event promotions! Have a product or event that you want to advertise? Promoting a new restaurant? Looking to expand your business? Have a new product line you want to get the word out on? Why not have Steve's Segway Tours send Segway street teams out and about to promote and market your business, product, or event!

The Concept

Are you familiar with the term "Guerrilla Marketing"? Personally, I prefer the term "Direct Marketing", but it is the same concept. With Direct or Guerrilla Marketing you reach your potential customer base, or "target market", via street teams. Street teams consist of one or more people -- usually wearing shirts, jackets, and/or hats that represent the product, company, or event they are advertising -- standing on busy street corners or other strategically chosen locations. Street teams may or may not be actively engaging passersby in conversation, but they are always handing out free samples, and/or discount coupons of the product or service they are marketing, or handing out informational leaflets concerning the event they are promoting. Direct Marketing works very well.


Direct Marketing, where the Street teams are all riding Segways, works fantastically! People love Segways! People are fascinated by them -- the science behind them, and their ease of use. Instead of averting the gaze of a street team member trying to hand something to them, people actually engage the eye contact of Segway street team members and approach us!


What We Do


At Steve's Segway Tours we will advertise and direct market your product or event with our Segway street teams! We will ride around where you want us to ride, wearing what you want us to wear (within reason of course!), and hand out what you want us to hand out. We can do this for you once, or as often as you would like.


Further, we have sign holders that make each Segway look like a Roman chariot, with the Segway rider looking like the charioteer "holding the reins". At a very reasonable cost, we will have signs printed with whatever promotional or advertising material you want on them. These will be yours to keep when you no longer need our services for this campaign. And, there are three signs per Segway -- one on each side, and an even larger one in the front. Thus, people will see what we are advertising/promoting from a distance, regardless of whether or not they are ever handed a free sample, discount coupon, or informational leaflet.








Pricing is very reasonable for these promotional/marketing events utilizing Steve's Segway Tours Segway street teams. Unfortunately, I can't quote prices here because each campaign is different. Prices vary depending on length of campaign, number of Segways needed, dates and times, sign printing, and other factors.



Interested? Please Contact Us immediately and we can discuss running a Segway promotional or marketing campaign for you and your business. You will be extremely satisfied with the results.


By the way, if you linked to this page directly, and have not explored the rest of the Steve's Segway Tours web site, I strongly recommend you visit our Home page, read my message, and then a bit About Us.