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Located at the far East end of Upper Randolph Street . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 312-946-9467
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Segway and Trikke Events
Adding the Segway/Trikke experience to your event will transform it into something spectacular!  We guarantee that your party or occasion will be unforgettable!  It could be a family reunion, a birthday, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, company outing, or even a charitable event.  Whatever the reason, your guests will have a blast taking a turn at the Segway or Trikke!  Steve's Segway Tours and Trikke Chicago host events that will have everyone in your group raving about the incredible time they had riding these extraordinary machines.
Planning a traditional Indian Wedding?  Why not consider riding Segways instead of horses for you Baraat.  You will love it and get rave reviews from your friends and family! 

The Concept

Whether you have the need for a bonding experience, or you just want to add entertainment to your event, the Segway or Trikke is a perfect match for your outing.  We’ll provide the equipment and safety training necessary to ensure all experiences are safe and positive.  Our exceptionally trained staff provide training for any size group, as we have some of the most experienced personnel in the business.


What We Do


Steve's Segway Tours and Trikke Chicago will either host an event at our location, or we will bring Segways and/or body-powered and/or electric Trikkes to a location of your choice  -  for special events in Chicagoland and beyond!  An average sized appropriate area is all that is needed.  Let us do the rest!  We’ll supply trainers, machines and safety equipment.  We’ll also provide a fun and safe experience that just can't be beat!  These machines are unbelievably fun, and your guests can learn to ride in just a matter of minutes.  They can go over many different surfaces, and its special non-marking tires won’t scuff up floors or tile for indoor events (are you listening schools, churches, and other places with gymnasiums?).  Anybody can learn the basic moves on a Segway or Trikke.  Young or old, they are very much adaptable.  The operation is very intuitive, and comes almost as second nature after just a few minutes with our expert trainers.  If you want to do something truly memorable, call us for your next office party or event!




Pricing is very reasonable for these Segway and/or Trikke events!  If you have a budget we'll figure out something that we can do that meets your budget.  So, what are you waiting for?  Give Steve’s Segway Tours and Trikke Chicago a call and make your next event an exciting time that is sure to be the highlight of the year!



Interested?  Please Contact Us immediately and we can discuss running a Segway and/or Trikke event for you and your family, company, or charity.  You will be extremely satisfied with the results.


By the way, if you linked to this page directly, and have not explored the rest of the Steve's Segway Tours web site, I strongly recommend you visit our Home page, read my message, and then a bit About Us.